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CEC Year-End Message 2021

Our most meaningful and emotional moments of 2021...

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CEO Perspective Half-Year Results 2022 (Bloopers)

Don't miss the bloopers from the CEO Perspective Half-Year 2022.

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CEO Perspective Half-Year Results 2022 (ENG)

Severin talks about our pipeline and what to expect for the second half of 2022.

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CEO Standpunkt: Halbjahr 2022

Severin spricht über unsere Produktepipeline und was wir in der zweiten Jahreshälfte erwarten können.

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CEO Video - Führungswechel - Juli 2022

Wechsel im Verwaltungsrats-Präsidium und in der Konzernleitung im Frühling 2023

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Interview with Majdi Kara

Interview with Majdi Kara Duration Language

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Leadership Change July 2022

Severin on the change in the Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Committee in Spring 2023

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Management Briefing on Half-Year Results 2022

Roche achieves good results in the first six months of 2022

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