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Global Vision: Immunotherapy in NSCLC (26May2020)

Prof Zhou Caicun (Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine Shanghai), Dr Ross Soo (National University Cancer Institute, Singapore) and a panel of Chinese oncologists were…

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Solving the NSCLC Puzzle in the era of cancer immunotherapy

Agenda 1. Opening - Dr Tho Lye Mun (Malaysia) 2. Update on frontline NSCLC treatment in wake of immunotherapy approvals - Dr Florian Fuchs (Germany) 3. Making sense of it all - CIT strategy in…

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Setting The Standards for 1st Line ALK NSCLC Treatment

Interactive case-study focused webinar to learn about:• Differences in survival, CNS control and toxicity profiles among current andemerging treatment specifically in the landscape of 1L ALK+…

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Changing Landscape of PD-L1-high NSCLC treatments

Changing landscape for PD-L1-high NSCLC treatmentsSpeakers: Dr Ross Soo (Singapore, Moderator), Dr Mark Socinski (US, Speaker), Dr Roy Herbst (US, Speaker), Dr Yuh Min Chen (Taiwan,…

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The Major Breakthroughs in Lung Cancer 2020

Breakthroughs in Lung Cancer in 2020 - immunotherapy and targeted therapy

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NCC Chinese Patient on Tecentriq+Avastin

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Round Table Discussion on IMpower150 (Exchange between Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore)

round table discussion of Impower150, discussing use of T+A in post-tki setting and heavy tumour burden setting. showcase of patient case studies by different doctors

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