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Risk Management of HPV+ Women: The case for integrating p16/Ki-67 dual stain .

Dr. Tom Wright is an internationally recognized expert who has been instrumental in key clinical trials driving the development of novel diagnostics in the field of cervical cancer. In his 48…

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Webinar: Hjertesvigt og anvendelsen af natriuretiske peptider

Webinar omkring anvendelse af NT-proBNP i hjertesvigtsbehandlingen samt analytiske overvejelser ved anvendelsen.

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ER/PgR Testing in Breast Cancer: CAP/ASCO 2020 Guideline update

Dr. Bharathi Vennapusa reviews CAP/ASCO 2020 guideline update for ER/PgR testing in breast cancer and how these guidelines pertain to Roche ER/PgR assays.

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CAP/ASCO HER2 2018 Guideline update and RocheHER2 Assays

Dr. Bharathi Vennapusa from Roche MSA discusses 2018 CAP/ASCO HER2 guideline update and how it pertains to Roche HER2 Assays. Content and approvals of any product related information is current as of…

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Down the Ocular episode 4 - CAP_ASCO 2018 guidelines and Roche HER2 assays

This is episode 4 of the Down the Ocular podcast. In this episode, Roche Tissue Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Affairs colleagues Bharathi Vennapusa, MD and Tabari Baker, PhD discuss the 2018…

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