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HCC - PIVKA-II Training

Zoom Recording ID: 9350325826 UUID: YLipR5cVTUik1x0jxhcX0w== Meeting Time: 2022-05-23 02:36:39am Overview of HCC surveillance and PIVKA-II Biomarker

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Roche - NEMROCK Preceptorship - Special Breast Cancer Situations

Roche - NEMROCK Preceptorship (Virtual Sessions) -- Special Breast Cancer Situations and Quality of Life Optimization

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PromoMats release update - Dec 2021

3 minute for users to see the changes in PromoMats in the new update for 2021.

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Role of immunotherapy in Hepatocellular carcinoma management: Oncology and Hepatology perspective

Zoom Recording ID: 99971749855 UUID: 60Ma4OoaS7+paF7t88+2Tw== Meeting Time: 2021-04-02T12:38:44Z

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NCC Chinese Patient on Tecentriq+Avastin

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PromoMats: Introduction and general navigation

An introduction to PromoMats

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PromoMats: Reviewing and Approving materials

An overview of how to review and approve materials using PromoMats

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PromoMats: Creating & Managing Materials

A 20 minute video outlining how to use PromoMats to create and manage your materials

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PromoMats: Process for Material Management

To have clear guidance on the Roche approach and minimum standards for creating new materials/activities in a Code compliant and consistent manner Have the relevant breadth and depth of Code and…

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Integrating cancer immunotherapy combinations into HCC practice

Zoom Recording ID: 92311730646 UUID: D4hzwcPIRXWGtvOerUmmEg== Meeting Time: 2020-11-27T12:18:09Z

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