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MSA Ventana HER2 Dual ISH

Dr. Beatrice Wegrzyniak from the Roche Diagnostics US Medical and Scientific Affairs team provides an overview of the new Ventana HER2 Dual ISH assay, comparison to the original assay and examples of…

From  Denise Croix on February 23rd, 2021 0 likes 6 plays

Scoring VENTANA HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail. Dr. Lynch

In this short video, Roche Pathologist, Michael Lynch, M.D. reviews the scoring method for the VENTANA HER2 Dual ISH assay as well as discusses scoring challenges and potential pitfalls.

From  Bharathi Vennapusa on January 29th, 2021 0 likes 2 plays

VENTANA HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail – Review of Scoring Algorithm

Brief video on scoring algorithm for VENTANA HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail. Content and approvals of any product related information is current as of the date of publishing.

From  Bharathi Vennapusa on November 19th, 2020 0 likes 0 plays