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CLDN18 EDC Training

Zoom Recording ID: 94601662622 UUID: FJ/Mxy2RSxy2yACuhOvVxQ== Meeting Time: 2022-11-15 02:16:31am

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Zoom Recording ID: 9986757550 UUID: bqHUsLzmRRO8oKHOXHwZ+w== Meeting Time: 2022-11-11 03:11:09am

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TEO (Training Execution Ownership) - Update Q4 2022

Update by Bernie Engel to Training Execution Ownership Pilot Systems status.

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gSV on CAAS KT_ Overview of Kubernetes and Docker

gSV on CAAS KT_ Overview of Kubernetes and Docker (2021-05-20 at 08_01 GMT-7) Basic Understanding on Kubernetes and Docker

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Zoom Recording ID: 95430727659 UUID: 3P6cWaXcQ/KKrjBwDmttJg== Meeting Time: 2022-10-24 05:34:54am

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PD-L1 (SP263) GC Interpretation Training

PD-L1 (SP263) GC Interpretation Training

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RD006157/PD-L1( SP263) GC_EDC training

Zoom Recording ID: 94839472399 UUID: f64IC61yQwy83vIASXOCnA== Meeting Time: 2022-10-10 01:57:43am

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Galaxy Site Portal

This is the Galaxy For Trials eLearning video for the Site Portal as used with the Operetta2 study. It is intended for training site staff engaged with the study.

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Introducción a la serie XN -1000 XN-2000

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Syncro Supply Registrierung DE

Das ist ein Trainingsvideo für den Syncro Supply Registrierungsprozess.

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Syncro Supply Registration EN

This is a training video for the Syncro Supply registration process.

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Cora Overview Video

This overview of Cora PPM gives users a basic introduction to the layout of Cora.

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[Need Your Attendance] YO30157 Study CRFCG refresh Training

Zoom Recording ID: 95110261669 UUID: LUeHF2c4S561BPpVW/oiOQ== Meeting Time: 2022-09-06 02:23:12am

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20220831 助理发展项目-沟通能力课录屏

Zoom Recording ID: 2341018733 UUID: iAKiFl8ERCywsCwXtfCuIw== Meeting Time: 2022-08-31 12:46:36am

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